I. Introduction (Purpose)

For the safety, convenience and comfort of passengers, for the safety of personnel and the region, for the preservation of service quality in pursuit of the City of Portland’s duty to provide a cost-effective source of reliable transportation, and to prevent system security vulnerabilities, it is necessary to establish rules governing conduct on Portland Streetcar system and protection of City of Portland property.

These rules supplement the regulations outlined in Chapters 14A.100 and 14A.110.

II. Definitions

A. “Industry Standard Bicycles” means a two wheeled bicycle no longer than 6 feet.

B. “Proof of Payment” means a validated fare instrument issued by TriMet or Portland Streetcar including but not limited to a circulator transfer, Portland Streetcar Annual Pass, other fare media, fare identification or documentation authorized by Chapters 14A.100 and 14A.110. Proof of Payment must be on the person with whom it is associated.

C. “Two Wheeled Device for Mobility” means a device required because of the person's disability where the person can provide credible assurance that the device is required for mobility.

D. “Service Change” means an addition or deletion resulting in the physical realignment of a streetcar route or a permanent change in the type of frequency of service provide in a specific regularly scheduled streetcar route.

III. Administrative Rule (Policy)

Administrative Review of an Exclusion

Every person initiating a request for an administrative review of an exclusion shall, within five days of the issuance of the exclusion, submit the request to the Bureau of Transportation. The request shall include: a copy of the exclusion, the reasons why the exclusion should be found invalid and valid contact information. If no valid contact information is provided, the Bureau of Transportation may post the results of the review at the Bureau of Transportation. The review shall be completed within seven business days from the date the request is received. The person named in the exclusion shall notified of the result at the address provided with the request for review.

Administrative Rules for Public Hearings

A. Except as provided by the Portland City Code or these Administrative Rules a hearing must be held when:

  1. There is a change in the Circulator Fare; or
  2. A new streetcar route is established; or
  3. There is a major service change deleting or adding service or a permanent change in the frequency that exceed five minutes during peak and ten minutes during non peak

B. A Hearing is not required for:

  1. Headway adjustments of up to, but not exceeding five minutes during peak and up to, but not exceeding 10 minutes during non peak hour service
  2. Standard seasonal variations
  3. Emergency situations
  4. Experimental service changes instituted for 180 days or less that do not permanently delete or add service and are not changes in the frequency that exceed 5 minutes during peak and 10 minutes during non peak.

C. When a hearing is required notice shall be provided publishing the intent to hold a hearing in a newspaper of general circulation and sent to the neighborhood and other associations who will be affected by the change.

Notice must contain:

  1. a description of the contemplated change that is triggering the hearing and
  2. time and place of the hearing.

Persons Authorized by the Director of Transportation to enforce Chapters 14A.100 and 14A.110

In addition to the persons designated in the Chapters 14A and 14A.110, the Director of Transportation shall designate staff as needed to enforce chapters of the City Code relevant to conduct on the streetcar. This includes but is not limited to fare enforcement, exclusions and emergency situations.

Persons Authorized by the Director of Transportation to Operate Sound Emitting Devices

In addition to the persons designated in Chapters 14A.100 and 14A.110, the Director of Transportation shall authorize persons able to operate sound emitting devises on the streetcar or designate who is authorized to permit this activity.

Transportation of Bicycles

Industry standard bicycles are permitted on board the Portland Streetcars. Bicyclists who take streetcars must hold onto their bicycles while on board and may be asked to leave streetcars that become overcrowded. Prior to boarding, allow other passengers to exit and enter the streetcar first.  Bicycles may not block the doors, stairwells or aisles. Cyclists must yield priority-seating areas to seniors and people with disabilities.

Use of Motorized Human Transporters

Persons using two wheeled devices for mobility are permitted on board the Portland Streetcar.  The person and the two wheeled device may occupy the designated priority seating area within the streetcar. Two wheeled devices used by persons for recreation rather than necessity are not permitted on the streetcar.  Display of a TriMet issued sticker is credible assurance that the device is necessary for mobility.


As outlined in Chapter 14A.110, each notice of exclusion shall include the title or citation of the offense for which the exclusion is issued, an explanation of the administrative review procedures and timeline, a description of the Code Hearings process, and an explanation of the evidentiary burdens; and a statement of the duration of the exclusion, or alternatively, a statement of the mechanism by which the duration of the exclusion may be determined in accordance with Chapter 14A.110.400.

A person who has no prior exclusion record and is subject to exclusion shall be excluded for 30 days.

A person who has been previously excluded within two years and is subject to exclusion shall be excluded for 90 days.

A person subject to exclusion for prohibited behavior that is a risk to the system and order shall be excluded for 90 days. Violations that are subject to 90 day exclusion include but are not limited to:

  • Flammable Substances and Ignition Devices, (14A.110.270)
  • Weapons (14A110.280)
  • Discharge or Detonation of a Weapon(14A110.280)
  • Activation of the Emergency Stop Device Except in an Emergency (14A110.300)
  • Interference with or trespass on Portland Streetcar trackway (14A 110.310)
  • Hazardous and Toxic Material or Substances (14A 110.320)
  • Harassment and Intimidation (14A 110.330)
  • Explosive Materials or Devices (14A 110.340)
  • Interference with Emergency Response (14A 110.350)
  • Abandonment of Packages; (14A 110.360)

A person who has been previously excluded two or more times within the past two years and is subject to exclusion; shall be excluded for 180 days.

A person subject to exclusion for violation of State criminal law shall be excluded for 180 days.

No person who is excluded shall enter onto the streetcar system.

A list of all excluded persons shall be provided to the Portland Police Bureau.

Fines for Violations

Violations as defined in ORS 153.005 and 153.008 are punishable by a fine of not more than $250. The base fine for violations defined in Chapter 14A.100 and 14A.110 shall be $175.


Fares for the Streetcar shall be set annually, and any changes shall be coordinated with the TriMet fare system to the best of the City’s ability. In addition to honoring TriMet’s fare media, streetcar offers a Streetcar only circulator fare. Starting in September 2012 the Circulator fare will be $1.00.

Proof of Payment

All passengers on the Streetcar system must carry a valid proof of payment unless authorized by the Director of Transportation. Proof of payment includes a valid receipt or ticket issued by Portland Streetcar or a TriMet fare machine, valid fare media or pass, or valid identification from an authorized employer.