Mobility aids, including strollers, dollies, or any other mobility device with wheels must be secure while on board the streetcar. Secure means that one or more of the wheels must have a locking mechanism to prevent the mobility aid from moving freely about the streetcar under normal operating conditions or emergency braking conditions.

Other larger items such as bicycles and personal shopping carts (excluding commercial grocery carts) are permitted on board Portland Streetcar. Riders must stay with their items in the low floor section of the streetcar ensuring that they are not blocking doors or stairs and that they make room for others using mobility devices. Bike trailers, recumbent tricycles and other oversized bicycles are not permitted due to blocking access for other riders.

Moving dollies are permitted on board with one or more locking wheels. Items on moving dollies must be secured by strapping the items to the dolly to prevent items from falling over or onto the floor. Items on the dolly cannot exceed the height of the dolly.