September 2015

Tilikum Crossing as well as A & B Loop service opens, bringing Portland Streetcar service to 16 miles of track and 3 lines.

September 2014

Portland Streetcar Customer Service Office opens at 1031 NW 11th Avenue in the Streetcar Lofts Building.

September 2012

Central Loop service opens operating from SW Market to OMSI via the Pearl District, Lloyd District and Central Eastside Industrial District. Portland Streetcar now operating 14.8 miles of track and 2 lines and 7 additional vehicles for a fleet of 17.

October 2009

Awarded $75 Million Small Starts Grant by the Federal Transit Administration for construction of the Portland Streetcar Loop. This marks the first time federal dollars were spent on a streetcar project.

August 2009

Construction begins on the Streetcar Loop Project extending Portland Streetcar across the Willamette River to OMSI.

August 2007

Portland Streetcar service begins to SW Lowell & Bond bringing Portland Streetcar to a full 8 miles of track and providing full service to the South Waterfront District.

December 2006

Received delivery of 3 additional vehicles and began training and testing, bringing the total fleet up to 10 vehicles.

August 2006

Construction begins on Lowell Extension from SW Moody & Gibbs to SW Lowell & Bond in the South Waterfront District.


First connection to the north end of the South Waterfront District (SW Moody & Gibbs) and the base of the soon to open Portland Aerial Tram. Brings total Portland Streetcar system to 7 miles of track.

August 2005

Complete construction to SW Moody & Gibbs.

January 2005

Begin construction from RiverPlace to SW Moody & Gibbs, connecting to the South Waterfront District.

March 2005

Begin Portland Streetcar passenger service to RiverPlace. Brings Portland Streetcar system to 6 miles of track.

January 2004

Construction begins on first extension from Portland State University to RiverPlace.

Summer 2003

Receive 2 additional vehicles for a total fleet of 7.

July 2001

Begin Portland Streetcar passenger service from NW 23rd & Marshall to Portland State University, thus becoming the first modern streetcar to open in the United States with 5 miles of track.

Spring 2001

Receive first streetcar vehicles in Portland for a total fleet of 5.

November 1999

Start construction of Portland Streetcar maintenance facility beneath I-405 Freeway.

September 1999

Notice to proceed for Skoda-Inekon to begin construction of streetcar vehicles.

May 1999

Start construction of first Portland Streetcar alignment from NW 23rd to Portland State University.

April 1999

Official ground breaking ceremony for first Portland Streetcar construction.


City of Portland issues Request for Proposals (RFP) to design, build, operate and maintain the new Portland Streetcar. The non-profit Portland Streetcar, Inc. is selected.


City of Portland receives $500,000 federal Housing & Urban Development (HUD) grant and matches with local funds towards capital project funding for Portland Streetcar.


City initiates Streetcar Feasibility Study and establishes the Central City Streetcar Advisory Committee which becomes the Portland Streetcar Citizens' Advisory Committee.

Concept to Reality - The Making of the Modern Streetcar - Portland Streetcar

In conjunction with the celebration of the opening of the Portland Streetcar Loop over the new Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People, Portland Streetcar has recorded interviews with the key players, advocates, and builders involved in the 25+ year endeavor of the planning, development and construction of the first modern streetcar system in the United States after a multi-decade hiatus.