Montgomery Park Redevelopment & Transit Project

The proposed project to extend the streetcar to Montgomery Park in Northwest Portland was first identified in the 2009 Streetcar System Concept Plan and more recently studied in the Montgomery Park Transportation and Land Use Study. A transportation project would extend the NS Line north and west to the Montgomery Park office building and would include completely rebuilding NW 23rd Avenue from NW Lovejoy to NW Vaughn—including new stormwater management and accessibility upgrades. When approved, the land use component of the proposed project could create a new mixed-use district with affordable housing and jobs on and around the former ESCO steel plant site.

The Montgomery Park extension will incorporate Portland’s first use of off-wire battery technology, allowing the system to expand where it would otherwise not be able. Portland Streetcar is in the process of replacing its original now-25-year-old fleet of vehicles and will be procuring 12 new streetcars by the time this extension begins service—a perfect fit to make use of technological advances and provide greater resiliency to our system, while still running on 100% renewable energy.

The City of Portland will propose final land use and transportation plans for consideration by the Planning and Sustainability Commission and may seek federal transit funding for the project in 2024. The extension of the streetcar to Montgomery Park and rebuilding of NW 23rd from NW Lovejoy to NW Vaughn could be under construction by 2026.

The Route

The Opportunity

• New streetcar extension to Montgomery Park through the former ESCO steel site, located north of NW Wilson Street and between NW 24th Avenue and NW 26th Avenue.

• New mixed-use district west of Highway 30 served by zero-emission, high-capacity transit.

• Repair and reconstruction of NW 23rd Avenue streetscape.

• Potential for 3,000+ new units of housing, including 300+ affordable units.

Project Timeline

2009—Portland Streetcar System Concept Plan

Spring 2019—Federal Transit Administration awards transit-oriented development planning grant

Fall 2019-Summer 2020—Three public open houses to incorporate community input

2021—Public Working Group refines land use options and finalizes public Discussion Draft

Summer 2022—Proposed Land Use Plan published

2023—Finalize planning for streetcar extension

2024—Finalize land use plan and enter environmental planning and engineering

2026—Begin streetcar project construction

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