Step-by-step instructions for using Portland Streetcar


You must have a valid ticket or pass to ride Portland Streetcar. Debit/Credit Card Ticket Machines are available on every platform. Remember to activate your mobile ticket before boarding. All TriMet fares are valid on Portland Streetcar. Please have your fare available to show to Streetcar personnel if asked.


Signs at the station indicate when the next streetcar is due as well as which lines serve that station. Signs on the front and driver windows of each train identify the line (North/South (NS), A-Loop & B-Loop) and the destination.


As the streetcar approaches, stay well behind the bumpy yellow or black tiles and wait for the streetcar to come to a complete stop. Also, make sure you are visible to the approaching streetcar when waiting on the platform as Portland Streetcar does not stop automatically at every station.


The doors may not open automatically. If they do not open, press the button on the door to open them. If you’re standing on board, move back so others can board. If you're on the platform, stand back to allow others to deboard the streetcar prior to boarding.


Portland Streetcar does not automatically stop at every station. Please signal the operator that you would like to stop by pushing the yellow stop request button or strip. The ramp request blue buttons and strips will also signal the operator that you would like to stop.


Gather all of your personal items and exit the streetcar.